how to grow youtube channel with Vidiq 2023

Vidiq is basically a website and Chrome extension which boosts the youtube channel growth and helps in the SEO of the youtube channel. Vidiq helps us to gain more views and subscribers by analyzing YouTube. There are many features available in the Vidiq like Keyword Research and AI Coach is best which help us with the title and the description.

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Vidiq Website:

First of all search Vidiq on Google and then make an account or connect it to youtube. After making an account, Dashboard opens where many options are present like Keyword, Daily Ideas, and AI Coach are present. You can also use it for free but it gives limited features at a free Plan.

Pricing table:

daily 10 ideasdaily 50 ideasunlimited ideas
best time to posteverything about postchat with coach
track with competetorai content generatorai tools
additional feature5 trend alerthuman coaching

Daily Ideas:

The free plan gives only 3 basic daily ideas about your channel niche. If your channel is about the sport it gives you an idea about the sport every day and it also tells the view prediction about the daily ideas video.

Here I have a sports channel and ideas

Keyword Research:

In the keyword research, we enter the word and search, in the free plan tells only 3 related keywords, 3 matching keywords, and 3 Questions. It shows the monthly search volume, competition, and overall score.

Grow Youtube Channel

We should select such keywords whose monthly search volume is high and whose competition is low and whose overall score is between 55 to 80%. You should use minimum 15 keywords in your youtube tag area and also write questions in the description of the video. Before uploading every video make sure its search volume is high and the competition is low and the overall score is also high.

Here is the keyword as shown

SEO of Youtube Channel:

SEO of youtube depends upon the title length and tag in the description and the number of tags which is being used. If 20 Tags and the main tag in the title and description are present 

watch full video on our youtube channel Rashid technical

The total SEO score becomes 50. Always used the low competition and high search volume keywords.

watch how to gain 50 seo

The Youtube video title length should be 20 to 60 words

Total tag should be 20

AI Coach:

AI Coach helps the user to write the description of the video and the title of the video. Additionally, it helps you gain more subscribers and views on your YouTube channel. Based on your channel data it also provides you ideas about the new video. It also suggests the tag.

How to Get a Free Trial:

You can also get a free trial of Vidiq by using the promo code which is almost 90% OFF and some are 50% OFF. The 90% OFF offer is only available once, while the 50% OFF offer is available twice.


watch complete video here how to get vidiq pro free

Vidiq Chrome extension:

Install Vidiq vision for youtube extension from the Chrome web store. It shows the  search volume, competition, overall score, and top youtube channel of keyword and it shows 3 related keywords with monthly search volume on the side of the youtube

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